Priory Wines Wine merchant based in Lymington, Hampshire Domaine Des Tourelles White <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Des Tourelles White sm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Spicy, white peach characters with a sublime perfume of jasmine. This wine is surprisingly fresh and bursting with peach and apricot flavours. Beautifully balanced with an impressive backbone of elegant minerality. This is a delight to the senses. 12.95 White wine Des Tourelles White sm.jpg Domaine des Tourelles Rose <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' DES TOURELLESsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Pretty pink in colour spice notes and tonnes of strawberry and summer fruits. This is a fuller bodied ros&eacute; with warm southern flavours of lush summer fruits with a zesty spicy finish. 12.95 Rosé wine DES TOURELLESsm.jpg Champagne Lallier Grand Cru <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' in Gift boxsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > A champagne of exhilarating freshness, complexity and finesse, the flagship blend of Lallier. The energising citrusy palate delivers an equal measure of ripe, toasty fruit followed by a tasty, elegant finish. 29.99 Sparkling wine in Gift boxsm.jpg Danebury English Sparkling Wine <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Cossacksm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Cossack vintage sparkling wine is made from a blend of the Auxerrois Blanc (Auxerrois Blanc is a cross between Gouais Blanc and Pinot Noir, which have the same ancestry as Chardonnay), and Rulander grapes (a German synonym for Pinot Gris). It is made using the traditional bottle fermentation method 21 Sparkling wine Cossacksm.jpg Henners Brut <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' brutsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Sourdough aromas combine with crunchy green apple fruit to provide a wonderfully welcoming nose. The palate is fine with a lively and persistent mousse. Green apple and pear fruit characters mix with a toasted brioche leesy flavour helping to provide a complex and moreish palate. Balanced acidity 29.5 Sparkling wine brutsm.jpg Marlings Polite White <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Polite Whitesm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > This delightful dry white wine is a blend of Bacchus, Chardonnay and Reichensteiner grapes and it has a fine fruit intensity. It&rsquo;s perfect as an accompaniment to light meals, salads or seafood. Please serve chilled to enjoy this gentle wine at its best. Alcohol by volume: 12% 12.4 White wine Polite Whitesm.jpg Henners Native Grace Chardonnay <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Chardonnaysm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Delicate aromas of elderflower and green apple lead on to clean and elegant palate. Crunchy green apple and lemon fruit combine with a good palate weight to provide lovely concentration and a long finish with distinctive minerality. 16.6 White wine Chardonnaysm.jpg Danebury Madeleine Angevine <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src='' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Madeleine Angevine is a white wine grape from the Loire Valley in France that is popular in the United Kingdom. The early-ripening grape is a cross between Madeleine Royale and de Malingre grapes a Riesling-type that grows well in cooler climates. Madeleine Angevine makes an attractive fruity wine 12.45 White wine Henners Native Grace Rose <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Native gracesm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Deliciously fruity Pinot Meunier provides a vibrant strawberry and cream backbone to the Native Grace Rose. Summer berry flavours take centre stage with juicy raspberry, cherry and redcurrant notes delivering a dry, zippy finish. 13.7 Rosé wine Native gracesm.jpg False Bay Cinsault Mourvedre <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Bay Cinsault Mourvedresm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Naturally Crafted, Wild Ferment. Tasting notes Old bush vine Cinsault forms the backbone of this &#39;proper&#39; ros&eacute;. A pale, spicy and textural Ros&eacute; mostly sourced from bush-vine Cinsault with summer fruits on the palate and a lovely clean, savoury, dry 8 Rosé wine Bay Cinsault Mourvedresm.jpg False Bay Sauvignon Blanc <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Bay S Blancsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Fabulous seaside Sauvignon. Fresh and zesty with grassy and dry bay leaf aromatics, fynbos (indidgenous South African bush), mineral notes, with hints of richness. This is a restrained Sauvignon Blanc with a palate that has lots of minerality and citrus with just a touch of green pepper and grass. 8 White wine Bay S Blancsm.jpg False Bay Bush Vine Pinotage <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Bay Bush Vinesm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Wild yeast fermentation, low yielding bush vines and ageing in large French oak foudre inform this richly-fruited, yet savoury and satisfying Pinotage. Plummy aromas with a faint hit of barbecued meat. The palate is full and rich with slightly rustic yet moreish tannins and an impressively long 8 Red wine Bay Bush Vinesm.jpg Chateauneuf-du-Pape Magnum 2016 <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' du Pape Magnumsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > A rich and opulent wine with ripe blackcurrant aromas layered with notes of the garrigue and cistus flowers. Full bodied but with a soft texture on the palate; this wine retains the estate&#39;s characteristic elegance whilst embracing a modern style of winemaking. Ripe fruits combine with 64.55 Red wine du Pape Magnumsm.jpg Cerasuolo D Abruzzo <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' d abruzzosm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Fresh and bright aromas of red berry and cherry fruit. These juicy, ripe bitter cherry flavours follow through to a mouth-watering yet dry finish - with vibrant fruit off-set by crisp acidity. 9.6 Rosé wine d abruzzosm.jpg Marlings Rose <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' - Editedsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > handpicked grapes, this Ravishing rose can be enjoyed with seafood or simply relax and enjoy it on it&#39;s own! 11.95 Rosé wine - Editedsm.jpg