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Conker Coffee Liqueur


Conker Coffee Liqueur - Liqueur

£29.50 per bottle

Half case: £168.15
Full case: £318.60

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The beans for this fine coffee liqueur are sourced from Ethiopia and Brazil. The beans are locally roasted in Dorset by the Beanpress Coffee Co, ground and then cold brewed. So many coffee liqueurs are packed full of sugar, but this one is designed to be a proper espresso coffee liqueur that shows off the proper character of the beans. There was much experimentation with different blends, but as the Conker website says, “the Brazilian is roasted darker and longer to accentuate the cacao and caramel notes, bringing a robust coffee flavour that provides the backbone to the spirit. The Ethiopian coffee is roasted faster and lighter to accentuate the sweetness and natural citrus character, so adding a zesty highlight to the blend.”

Additionally, cold-brewing coffee is a process that doesn’t extract bitter, acidic character from the beans allowing more of the true bean aromas and flavours to come through. This method also requires more coffee than a hot brewed cup of coffee. The cold brewed coffee is produced is  so smooth with natural vanillas and caramels, that only touch of demerara sugar added to bring a little bit of sweetness. No flavourings, no additives, no thickeners, just four simple ingredients.

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