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[ORGANIC] 1936 Swiss Biere - Switzerland

[ORGANIC] 1936 Swiss Biere - Switzerland - Beer

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24 x 330ml - £45.00

Brewed by the Locher family at the foot of the Swiss Alps using only the purest water, 1936 Bière has a unique, fresh and ultra clean taste.
The water used to brew 1936 Bière filters through the Swiss Alps, taking up to 25 years to reach the source. This unique water is combined with raw ingredients - Swiss hops and golden barley grown at high altitude on the mountains - to create a beer totally free from artificial preservatives or additives. Long famous for its innovative prowess in the development of new beers, the 1936 Bière brewery also leads in the field of climate protection.
Beer is always different, because the water used is always different! The water used in brewing beer has a decisive influence on the taste of the beer, hence the overall result. The source of the water, whether it is hard or soft, and the salt and mineral content of the water are all factors which will directly influence the flavour of the beer. 1936 Bière is made from spring water from the Alpstein Massif. This pure water emerges from the source crystal clear, and naturally filtered after its long journey through the rocks. The result is of excellent quality and clarity. For us, this means we are able to use it without further processing – brewed straight from source, so to speak. The spring water encourages the crisp, clean and ultra fresh taste of our 1936 Bière.
Hops are what give beer a bitter taste, but the bitter substances in hops not only affect the taste of the beer; they’re also responsible for maintaining a great beer head. The essential oils in hops also give the beer its aroma and the origins and the percentage of hops used in a beer are of paramount importance to the final product. We source local Swiss hops for our production, giving the 1936 Bière a unique flavour. We also do not use too many of them as a balance is key to the enjoyment of your drink!


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