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Warm Weather Wines No,4 - Viura

Also know as Macabeo, Viura is the white grape of Rioja. A prolific grape, it is the main component in some of the classic white Riojas from the old Bodegas. The style of some of these wines is divisive, their honeyed, oily style not suitable for everyone's palette, however there are more modern, accessible expressions of the grape available.

The Artesa Viura 2019 is a light, fresh example of the grape.

Vineyards are at an altitude of 400 metres above sea level and the Viura vines are, on average, 20 years old. 80% of the vines are trained in the trellis method and 20% are bush trained. The vineyards have clay stone soils with some sandy areas. Ripe melon fruit and zesty acidity make this a perfect match for Paella.

On offer at £8.25 a bottle.

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