Priory Wines Wine merchant based in Lymington, Hampshire Fernando de Castilla Fino <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src='' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Pale in colour with just a hint of straw yellow at the rim. Powerful and acute on the nose, yet aromatic, intriguing and inviting. Sensuously textured rather than brittle, absolutely bone dry, aristocratic and very poised. Its profile is perfectly seamless right until the finish where fascinating 12.75 Sherry Fernando de Castilla <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src='' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > A very serious and austere sherry with the classic greenish amber tint, typical of aged amontillados of a rich golden colour. There is a real tang to both nose and palate with orange peel, eucalyptus, varnished wood, fennel and a myriad of other flavours and sensations singing subdued screams 14.99 Sherry 2017-07-21 13:41:22 GMT Chateau Pineraie Cahors Malbec <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src='' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Elevated to Ch&acirc;teau status, a top notch wine worthy of its awards. &nbsp; Tasting Notes Intense berry fruit with plum, blackberry and lots of spice. Vanilla and soft oak as well as violets and a potpourri character add complexity, which is balanced by gentle tannins. Smooth 12.25 Red wine Cave de Turckheim Sables & Galets Pinot Gris <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Pinot Grissm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Rich honeyed Pinot Gris that is evolving nicely. &nbsp; Tasting Notes Very expressive with violets, hints of acacia honey, quince, smokiness, sweet spices and crystallised ginger. The evolved palate opens dramatically with ginger notes and a lovely rich marmalade finish. 13.99 White wine Pinot Grissm.jpg Leccio Monferrato Chiaretto <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Monferratosm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > The first vintage of this appealing and characterful single estate Chiaretto from Araldica&#39;s Cascinone estate &nbsp; Tasting Notes An appealing pale, coral pink - the nose has pretty red berry, strawberry and gently floral notes. The palate balances delicate bitter cherry and 8.99 Rosé wine Monferratosm.jpg Tenuta Il Cascinone Camillona <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src='' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > From Araldica&#39;s prized hilltop Camillona site - this Sauvignon has ripe fruit with delicate herbaceous characters. &nbsp; Tasting Notes A fine, elegant style of Sauvignon with citrus fruit characters lifted by ripe gooseberry and floral notes. Subtle, creamy textures combine 8.99 White wine Terrazze della Luna Pinot Grigio <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' PGsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > A distinctive, lifted Pinot Grigio with excellent concentration from Trentino&#39;s high altitude vineyards. &nbsp; Tasting Notes Stone fruit, apple and floral nose. The palate shows delicate yet complex floral notes, subtle mineral character and attractive white fruit leading to 8.8 White wine PGsm.jpg Circumstance Chenin Blanc <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Chenin Blancsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Incredibly careful selection from this increasingly biodynamic vineyard - a dark horse and one of our favourite white wines! &nbsp; Tasting Notes The nose is enormously redolent of Manuka honey and yellow pollen. The palate is soft and creamy with citrus and a wonderful textural 15.99 White wine Chenin Blancsm.jpg Fromm La Strada Organic Sauvignon Blanc <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' S Blancsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Simply one of the top 3 Sauv. Blanc producers in NZ and now organic. &nbsp; Tasting Notes My god, it&rsquo;s alive! It&rsquo;s like drinking a cat that&rsquo;s just been thrown into a bath of cold water. Massive, feral and frightening and entirely un-Marlborough-like in the 13.99 White wine S Blancsm.jpg Maude Dry Riesling <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Dry Reislingsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Pure focus mineral delight from Maude of the Rings. &nbsp; Tasting Notes Luminous. Aromas of citrus rind, slate &amp; wet stone. A pure, linear, dry and chalky expression of Riesling from this mature vineyard. 15.9 White wine Dry Reislingsm.jpg Yangarra PF Shiraz <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Shirazsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > A pretty fab Preservative Free and biodynamic Shiraz from Peter Fraser, Australian Winemaker of the Year 2016. &nbsp; Tasting Notes An early drinking, fresh and vibrant wine that is totally on song. It&rsquo;s got lots of lifted violet aromas, with fresh cherries and plums, with a 19.99 Red wine Shirazsm.jpg Tabali Pedregoso Gran Reserva S Blanc <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' S Blancsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Uniquely focussed Sauvignon Blanc from Chile&#39;s fantastic cool-climate region. &nbsp; Tasting Notes Intense, complex and elegant on the nose with citric notes and gentle green pepper aromas. The palate shows great volume with crisp, high acidity giving chalky minrality and a 10.6 White wine S Blancsm.jpg Tabali Pedregoso Gran Resereva Syrah <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Syrahsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Stunning New World Syrah, a perfect balance of power and finesse. &nbsp; Tasting Notes The incredibly dense beetroot red colour is the result of the pure air, long hours of sunshine and diurnal temperature difference in this region. The nose has a fresh pepperiness, aromas of warm star 11.85 Red wine Syrahsm.jpg Novas Gran Reserva Viognier <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Viogniersm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Exotic, lush Viognier from cool climate Casablanca. &nbsp; Tasting Notes Golden yellow in colour with a sweet and floral nose with notes of apricot, honey, white peach, and a touch of gooseberry. The fresh palate has great volume and a persistent finish 11 White wine Viogniersm.jpg Tabali Vetas Blancas Reserva Pinot Noir <img align='left' hspace='10' vspace='3' src=' Pinot Noirsm.jpg' style = 'max-width: 150px; max-height: 150px;' > Beautiful Pinot Noir - beautifully aged in French oak. &nbsp; Tasting Notes A delicious, mouthwatering delicate Pinot Noir with smoky plum and redcurrant and hints of strawberry on the nose. The palate has more smokey fresh red fruit with a clean almost scented finish. Fresh citrus 12.75 Red wine Pinot Noirsm.jpg